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ONbud was built on a passion for quality flower, and such we take our rating system seriously.

What is the rating system?

The (A – AAAA) rating system was popularized by BC growers in the late 2000’s after as a way to differentiate their higher priced products from the standard greenhouse/outdoor biker weed that was prevalent at the time. In the ensuing decade, demand for high grade marijuana steadily increased, while advances in growing techniques, scale and markets allowed prices to drop significantly whereby most consumers had access to top grade cannabis. However, this led to waves of “over advertised” marijuana, whereby every seller was promoting their product as AAAA. Many sites still do this today, with Windsor being especially bad. The introduction of legalization and lab testing has led some to question the value of the A rating, yet as any true cannabis connoisseur will tell you- its more than just the THC count.

What makes the grade?

Cannabis is qualified in terms of its lab specs- THC, CBD, TERPENES. But these stats alone do not determine the overall user experience. Taste. Smell. The size of the bud, how dry it is, how well cured and trimmed it is, what kind of fertilizers and how long it was flushed- all come into the final puff. We list our THC contents by lab result, but the full picture, the full feel and taste of the flower, that is what determines our grade. (And of course the price)

A Grade

Swag, bunk, unsmokable. You will not find this here. You should not find it anywhere.

AA Grade

Generally greenhouse grown flower, or very good outdoor (or mediocre indoor). THC contents are typically under 20%, and terpene ratios very low. AA+ is our minimum standard, which ensures a clean product that is decently trimmed, but don’t expect any fireworks. Good for daily, and budget smoking.

AAA Grade

This is good bud. Its indoor grown, care has been put into it, and it will deliver what its set out to do. THC contents usually range around 20%, and there is significant enough terpenes to give a specific taste. Burn fairly clean (ashgrey). Great compromise between value and quality. If you see a (+) after the grade that means the buds are very dense and well trimmed.

AAAA Grade

The best of the best, smoothest of the smooth. Powerhouses, and clean burners. THC contents are typically over 20% and the terpene content is very high. Terpenes are the natural chemicals that gives marijuana its flavour and aroma. Cannabis that is “dank” has high terpene counts. Terpenes do more than just affect the taste and smell, they also increase the effects of THC. This is why a “AAAA” strain with less THC can get you a fuller high than “AAA” strain with higher THC. Any strain labelled AAAA is grown to the best standards it can be. AAAA+ strains are truly remarkable and represent some of the best cannabis in Canada, and thus the world.

If you have any questions, or if you disagree with our ratings, send us an email at orders@onbud.ca

- The ONbudsman

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